Pottery with Schools, Groups and Daycares

Does your school, daycare or group such as Guides/Scouts want to offer some ‘play with clay’ time? Firing Time offers pottery workshops to compliment your curriculum for children from age 5 years and upwards.

The Benefits

Research has shown there are many benefits to using pottery as part of the learning environment. It is an extremely tactile craft and one where everyone is allowed to get messy! The tactile stimulation of working with clay improves fine motor skills and hand eye co-ordination. It also promotes healthy brain development integrating left to right activity.

It has also been shown to be beneficial to children with specific issues, for example:

  • ADHD – helps with self esteem, self control and social skills
  • Autistic spectrum/ Asperger’s syndrome – helps cognitive and emotional development

How can I book a pottery session?

The two hour session includes a demonstration, tools and instruction for the participants. It also includes clay, glazes and firing of the masterpieces!

Please contact us to discuss your requirements. All payments to be made at time of booking.

If there’s a special occasion coming up e.g school anniversary we can help you commemorate it in a special way. See “Canada in Clay” showing the to Terry Fox Public School Mural Project.

Here are a few samples of projects made in schools:

Unfired Pinch Pots

Tealight Holder – Pinch Pot and Slab

Owls & Monsters

Girl Guides with their Mother’s Day Pots

Christmas Hanging Decorations

Bisqued Coil Plate

Mother’s Day Pinch Pot

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