Melanie Horner

About Melanie Horner

Melanie Horner has been playing with clay since childhood when at the tender age of 5, she wrote to Father Christmas to ask for a potters wheel! She would always be found playing in the mud outside, getting as dirty as possible. Whilst at secondary school, she was lucky enough to learn the skill of throwing on a potters wheel and a passion for this developed at age twelve.
Although Melanie decided to pursue a career as a nurse, her interest in pottery never waned. As she has moved from place to place she has always managed to find her way to some clay! Various night school courses and workshops along the way have meant she has gained knowledge in the various aspects of pottery. Finally in 1995, Melanie bought her first potters wheel and housed it in her kitchen (not recommended!).

After making a clay impression of her son’s hand on his first birthday, the idea for First Impressions was born. So, in 2001 First Impressions opened it’s doors. There’s a huge satisfaction from capturing a moment in a child’s life and making it last forever!

Since moving to Canada from England in 2011, Melanie has decided to pursue her passion for pottery and set up Firing Time. The name emerged from capturing a moment in time – be it a child’s hand or foot impression or a personalized clock. Melanie has always enjoyed making clocks and various friends and family have received these as wedding gifts over the years. She loves to have fun creating different designs and enjoys bringing a smile to someone’s face when they see a clock they like!

Over the passage of time, Melanie has delighted in sharing her knowledge and skills with friends and their children and in doing so, hopes to spark an interest in this ancient but magical skill.

Melanie is a member of Northumberland Potters Association and Kawartha Potters Guild. Some of her work can be found in The Sidestreet Gallery, Main St, Wellington.

Melanie’s TV debut was through a Gift of Art. She was also featured on Durham Now in January 2015 demonstrating how to make a clock.

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