Wow, that was a quick three months! There’s been lots of activity here in my Cobourg studio over the winter which has helped pass the time quicker.

My courses have been full, I’m pleased to report and the throwing classes seem to be taking precedent over the hand building at the moment. That’s no bad thing as I love throwing!

Exciting news – I finally opened an Etsy store after much procrastination! I have only 7 items on there at present so we’ll see how that goes. You can find it as FiringTime.

I had an order for a baby plate (and he just happened to have been born on my birthday, karma I say!) and this has lead me to add a new product line to my repertoire. I had all on not to put a hole through the middle for a clock! Had to hide my hole cutters!

It also prompted me to realise that I no longer wanted to make the hand and feet impressions so after 16 years I have stopped. The time just felt right. That’s all for now.

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